Howdy. This is me. Living in the center of Europe and producing web pages.

What I do

Code typing

This is my daily grind. HTML and CSS. I code websites focusing on sematics while keeping in mind current trends and ever evolving standards.


Most of the latest projects I did are mobile- and tablet-friendly. I don't see responsive design only as a trend but as a mean to deliver the content to the end user the best way.


When there is a need for content management I prefer a made-to-measure solution. Plain presentation, web catalogue or simple e-shop. You name it…


Apart from the usual PSD slicing I sometimes tend to do the pixel-pushing myself (trying to avoid mass made templates as best as possible).


Here and there there is a need to make things move. That is when I try my luck with Flash or experiment with animations through CSS3 or JS.

What I have done so far

Selected projects.

Spy Video

Website for a product of a digital motion studio


Presentation of chufa products with catalog


Portfolio of a fellow artist and designer


Industrial merchandise catalog with e-shop

Petra & Filip září

Online wedding invitation

CFT Battle Brno

Web for fitness competition


Web presentation for accounting company

Elite Gym Brno

Website for local gym


Digital motion studio portfolio


Architect studio portfolio and blog

Dotkni se vědy

Website for an exhibition with custom booking system

Atelier Tišnovka

Portfolio of an architectural studio

Petra Terslova Artwork

Online portfolio and shop of a paintress

Psychoterapie Hloušek

Psychotherapist's website

Maskot Tromsø

Website for outdoor festival in Tromsø, Norway

Suchý & Běhounek

Web presentation for carpentry workshop


Company presentation and catalog

Pavel Jevula

Website for fashion designer

KOZ Mokrá

Web presentation of animal shelter institution

What I use


Coding websites with HTML and styling them with CSS. Yes. That is what I do.


When it comes to programming I can handle simple tasks. I usually provide simple CMS to my customers.


Powerful yet lightweight PHP framework. I use it for both larger or petty projects because it simply suit my needs in every way.


Modern web applications demand interactivity. Pretty achieaveble (usually along with jQuery library) this way.


Simple image editing or whole webpage designing. Current standard in the graphics.


When some animation or simple movie clip is needed, this is the perfect tool to rech for.

Get in touch

Ondřej Mužík